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These days there can't be many businesses that can afford to do without some form of web presence.

At Mochdre News we are in a position to offer any number of different solutions to your marketing needs.

Maybe you want a simple "splash" page to remind the viewer who you are and what you are about.

Others may need something a little more dynamic with features like advanced form processing so that you can harvest the most relevant information from any prospective clients that visit your page.

To the right of this panel can be seen a selection of the more common types of web marketing solutions that are on offer from Mochdre News.
Please bear in mind that if your needs aren't detailed here, that doesn't mean they can't be met. Why not use our contact form to get in touch if you need a more detailed review of what else is available?

Please note that by default the content of pages is supplied by the client (photos, text etc). However we are always happy to advise on the potential best use/formatting of this content.

Splash iconOriginally the "Splash" page was the first page displayed when you arrived at a web site. Here though we refer to a single, full page ad' detailing as much information about your goods and services as can fit onto a single page. How long is a single page? In theory there is no limit to how long a page can be. However, if your viewer has to do too much scrolling they won't hang around. If you have that much to say it is usually prudent to invest in additional pages.  
Splash plus iconFor those not afraid to get their feet wet we provide full access to the files that make up your page. Achieved via the addition of an FTP (file transfer protocol) account. With this you can edit your page/s to your hearts content.  
DIY iconNot every body wants or needs their web presence designing or building for them. If this is you then let us get you started with a blank index page, inc' 2x CSS files attached (1x pre-formatted for links, the other for general styles).  
Extras iconSo far all we have really looked at is the single page option, and who builds and/or manages the files. Time then to consider some of the more popular add-ons that go towards making you pages that little bit more productive and profitable. This list is by no means exhaustive but may give you some food for thought when working out just what you need.
Standard Issue iconSo much for extras but what do you get as standard? Many of the features listed here would be "optional extras" when provided by some web developers. At Mochdre News however we try to included as standard the features that most people would consider a "must have" or if not, a "would really like".
E-mail account:
A Mochdre News mail box ([email protected]). You can access your mail from the Mochdre News homepage or, if you have MS Outlook or other such mail client, set up automatic retrieval of your messages.
E-mail link: An e-mail link aimed at your Mochdre News e-mail address or, another, preferred e-mail address with pre-formatted subject line so you know exactly where the message is from before you even open it.
Sub-domain account: A sub-domain is just what it sounds like. It is a domain within a domain. In this case, your domain folder within the Mochdre News web server. A major advantage of this account is that it provides a direct link to your index page without having to visit Mochdre News.
For example, a direct link to the Mochdre News virtual boot sale pages could be (note omission of the "www"):
This is clearly a lot easier to remember or pass on than the usual full address: which takes you to exactly the same place.
NB...All prices shown are payable quarterly in advance.
Mochdre News is not registered for VAT so the price you see is the price you pay.
All links set to external web sites are to be set as "target blank".
Pre-set links such as "Back To Mochdre News" must be left in place.
Mochdre News accepts no responsibility for any third party content published on it's pages.
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