About Us

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HistoryPoints.org was established in Conwy, North Wales, in January 2012 to provide a platform for societies, professional associations, public bodies, educational institutions and similar groups to inform the general public about local history or the past achievements of group members. These bodies hold treasure troves of fascinating information, and modern technology allows them – via HistoryPoints – to impart that information to a new audience.

The rapidly growing use of QR barcodes makes them an ideal medium for conveying information to residents, visitors or students who wouldn’t think of searching for that information on each organisation’s own website.

HiPoint labels, which present the relevant QR codes to the public, are much cheaper to provide than traditional plaques or vandal-proof information boards. This means HistoryPoints and its partner organisations can easily provide bespoke historical information for more places for a given budget. A lot of this information has previously been confined to local or official publications, which most members of the public never see.

Over time, the HistoryPoints website should become a valuable aid for research because – unlike many other websites – it relies on information supplied by experts in their field.

HistoryPoints also creates a bridge between generations. At HistoryPoints.org, older people can provide their recollections or other knowledge about interesting places in their community. The QR codes at HiPoints are an exciting new way of receiving information which appeals to people of all ages, including young people who are inseparable from their mobile phones. Many of them wouldn't think to browse the local history sections of bookshops or libraries for pleasure, but history on your mobile as you come across interesting places is a different kettle of fish!

The HiPoints in each local area should also provide a useful educational tool for schools.

People who access HiPoints remotely, via the website, may decide they want to visit places they’ve read about at HistoryPoints.org. Others may be inspired to find out more about subjects which have a high profile at HistoryPoints.org.