Tours & Themes

link_to_french_translationTours you can follow

Many of our HiPoints are linked together to form self-guided tours. The sites are linked by a common theme, or they're along a pre-defined route such as the Wales Coast Path.

You can use the menu on the left to choose a long-distance tour or to click on a county name to see the local tours available there.

How to follow a HistoryPoints tour:

  • When you've read the first HiPoint page in the tour, look in the bottom right corner for the name of the tour.
  • Click one of the buttons to the right to go to the next HiPoint on the tour. (The button alongside will take you back along the tour in the opposite direction.)
  • You'll now see the page for the next HiPoint on the tour. If you don't know where this HiPoint is, simply click on "Where is this HiPoint?" to see it on a map.
  • When you reach the next HiPoint, you can go back to the text page or scan the QR barcode at the site to read the information about that HiPoint.
  • Keep clicking and moving, until you reach the end of the route or you've completed the circuit.